Seidensprachen in der Natur languages of silk in nature

oder: die Bewegung der Zeichenkette the movements of the chain of signs 



coming soon: July 2019, exhibition at Dunbeath Heritage Museum (more at the bottom of the page)

hier finden Sie die einzelnen Objekte und Installationen in Video & Foto dokumentiert. Bitte klicken Sie die unten stehenden Bilder an.

All silks and outdoor-installations are documented by pictures and videos. Please click on the pictures below.                   

Zu jedem Motiv finden Sie hier ein Künstlerbuch - Every motive belongs to an artist-book, documented here: Künstlerbücher / artistbooks


ALL INSTALLATIONS  please click on the pics!

2018 - summer of arctic-terns
and broken china-dolls,
see also: Along the Tides

 the angel arrives
the Angel arrives
                Stronsay Landart Stronsay Blue  Landart by Leonhardt
    Stronsay Gold

2017 - summer of the caves
Scotland 2016, summer of turtles
and pink jelly fish

cave art by leonhardt
          monster´s throat ...
leads to
The Cave Series in 2017

Cave series 
         all cave sessions
         angel of the cave    lost angel
angel and hell
Angel and Hell 

              Neolithic chamber                 Landart         Landart by Tanja Leonhardt    Landart by Tanja Leonhardt       Landart Environmental Art
                 grave furniture                   river at A 897                         abandoned                Suddenly light, so clear!                         cold church 

          Sea Art by Leonhardt                caveart       Landart by Leonhardt                  Landart  Natureart Leonhardt     Landart by Leonhardt
               Blue collection                      Caves & Coves             dream of the white horses                              submerged                     On Shapinsay Rocks 
           Landart at Shapinsay                  Landart by Tanja Leonhardt     Landart by Leonhardt                 Landart by Leonhardt                 Landart by Leonhardt 
          Old church at Shapinsay                       inside the bunker                     Light of Sanday                       Green companionship                            Amphitheatre 
Scotland 2015, Summer of Kelp & Roses
                               Germany 2016  2017
              Land Art, Environmental Art, Naturkunst         Landart at Orkney                    Landart, Environmental Art             Landart                 Landart Naturkunst
                     of a dream                         Green and Blue                        left alone another cave                         flying under water           kleiner, graugrüner Engel im Winter
      Landart                   Landart                   Environmental Art -  Landart                  environmental art          -Land Art and Environmental Art
                         round                               left alone                             Cove & Bay                            Somewhere at Hoy                           South Walls 

Bosnia 2015, Artist in residence
of Atlantis vcap
                    Gallery in Kulen Vakuf                       Germany 2015    
             kv                    kv  ss                           a                    Reinfarn Landart
                   Purple Una
                           calm flow                          resonare                               jamais vu                                 Rainfarn

Ireland, March 2015

                bb                    aa                     ba                       ir  
               Abbey at Skellig Coast 
                  a walk at Skellig Coast                          Burning Season                                 Irish Sea   

Schleswig-Holstein/Germany 20


                                     sh           sh                      sh                 11
         angel over water                     Poems in a Creek                       What else?                                 long flags                          Autumn Creek


Northcoast & Orkney 2014 

Summer of gannets      
                         Dunned Head                    Duncansby Head                      Skibo Geo, Birsay                           Get into it                         Lesson of  Blue 
           Shapinsay Beach I (outside)        Shapinsay Beach II (inside)                                 Behind Skara Brae                  Under Black Rocks               quiet evening, Helsmdale


                    Lesson of Space                       Lesson of Shapes                              Triangel                    old farmhouse               Boroughstone Brogh
                   ge               22              33                 33                 th
                   Gannets & Pigeons                 Firesalamander & Kite                       Little Clouds                          Kelp in the air                          Field of Thistles
Artist in Residence of Atlantis vcap  

in Kulen Vakuf, Bosnia, National Park Una



           photographical works in the old factory



Gallery in Kulen Vakuf   


                                                                              The Angel of the old Factory


                 Falls of Strbacki buk                       Child´s Waterfall                       ... become a Deer                    kiting Una Ostrovica
                   kiting Ronneburg                    Surface and Ground                       The Divine Child    


             Stromfront - Sturmtief             Herbstwald - Autumnwood       nach dem Sturm - after the storm                     Dezembersonne                          Ameisen - Ants

Scotland 2013

Summer of Jellyfish      





               Sanday Seal Evening


            into the waves (of Sanday)


                    Brough of Birsay 2


                              wild kite


                  Lighthouse evening


                Brough of Birsay 1


                          salt water


                    between the cliffs


                      purple & green  






               a laughing child              all of them - in Rheinhessen                            wild roses                        Engelwehr                      Gelting - Ostsee












                         Wasserfall                         tiefes Wehr                        I´m born                          Regenteich                           dunkler Tümpel






Nacht kommt


                            Eiche!       Ausstellung Klingspor Museum

2013 Hessen

snow drift the couple - the children Schneebach Kinderbach not in vain - in winter


Scotland 2012

Summer of thistles




conveyable to the sea     out of the mist    


cranes to the sea soul to the sea cave to the sea and turn to gold from the hill to the sea


kite-evening at Strathy-beach sea-gate kiteflying-bay early morning beach at Strathy Cliffs




Nebel  -  Frost  movements  trockener Bach hinterm Kuhstall nachtüber April


 Eisbach Raureif Wintertuch, Bach gelber Herbst  bedeckter Herbst





  Blaurosentuch, See   Libellenbach Libellensumpf Weißrosentuch, Wasser


 Tonteich türkis Buchen-Sumpfwald Espen überm See Weg am See   Libellenbach


Scotland 2011


on the cliff Lizards´ cliff torrent down to the river sunset at Gairloch coast


Cranes in Strathy River To the lighthouse over Torrisdale Bay amber comes in wee glen


cave Strathy Bay still there    










vermooste Stämme



am selben Tag



Wilde Kirsche



bei Mainz



am selben Ort






Abend kommt














nach Gewitternacht






             Im Steinwehr


                    Im Eis





Waldrand, Eis, im Wald




Sturm, Feld
















July 11th - 19th 2019

Exhibition - Silkflags, Photographie, Artistbooks: "a waterfall of light"

at Dunbeath Heritage Museum, Scotland

Exhibition Landart


Exhibition Landart

Dunbeath Heritage Museum - Home of Neil Gunn the Scottish Modernist
The Old School / Dunbeath / Caithness / Scotland / KW6 6ED
Tel. 01593 731233 Email. info@dunbeath-heritage.org.uk
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Other Times by Appointment


17.5. - 7.7. 2013 im Klingspor Museum der Stadt Offenbach - zur Dokumentation   Ausstellung in Eckernförde 2016


Video "Appear" at the Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Festival in Cork 2017, Ireland


parts of the project are published in LAKE Journal of Arts and Environment of the University of British Columbia Okanagan (issue 8)