Arctic Tern (blue)

            Arctic Terns artist book




76 cm x 54 cm 

5 Seiten aus Silberburg Tiefdruckbütten 

Papier gefärbt, mit Lederband geheftet

Motivstempel und Handschrift

Entstehung: 2019


Dieses Künstlerbuch ist Teil des Projektes "Seidensprachen in der Natur"

this book is a part of the landart-project "Movements of the chain of signs"



wide: 76 cm, high: 54 cm

5 pages: rough, handmade paper from India, dyed blue/black

Leatherbelt bound (red)

Bird-motives handprinted via (self-made) printing plates
and artist print-colours by Charbonell


Arctic Terns artist book             





Alone today,
all alone

Finally here
Where the story turns into the wordless







Arctic Terns artist book


Branches out like a tropical river
losing itself within the jungle
behind a whisper
in front of silence
aimlessly meandering
straight into the center

Then we sink into the rock
Then we find the king inside the hill
Then we dance around his ferocious fire
And kiss him on the mouth, sizzling


Arctic Terns artist book

There, on the basement stairs to the fairy tale
Words leak into shapes of opal light

Sisters, sisters,
how deep?





Arctic Terns artist book


Sing us, mother,
your limpet song
whatever we do
We´re fond of you

(Lyrics from the Fotopoem Along the tides)

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